Backloads in Melbourne

Backloads To/From Melbourne with Northside Removals

Are you moving to or from Melbourne? Would you like to save on your move, without compromising on safety, security or customer service? Northside Removals can help. We’ve been serving the east coast of Australia for several years, and we have the expertise you need to get a safe and efficient removal for less. By taking advantage of scheduling opportunities, you could save hundreds off your relocation bill!

What are backloads?

A backload is, as the name suggests, the load that’s carried going back the other way from the primary move. It is a good opportunity to get your belongings where they need to go, and only pay the cost of the space on the truck – not the cost of having the truck on the road. You can think of it as piggybacking on another move. For example, if someone was moving from Brisbane to Melbourne, and you needed to move from Melbourne to Sydney or Brisbane, you could take advantage of that opportunity.

Call us today!

There are no catches – it’s just a matter of getting in on a backload opportunity while it’s available, so call before your moving dates are all booked out! To get a quote or book your service, call us on (07) 3882 0777 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.